Milan Singh….needs no introduction, as she has been a pioneer in the world of entertainment, with her unique style of singing, a marvellous blend of multi voices together… be it male or female….on top of that her own original voice is unparallel in the entire world of music and films…….

A post graduate in English Literature, sports person in high jump and football. An ardent admirer of Late shri Mohammed. Rafi Saheb, Milan Singh has received many awards for her splendid performances, of which, Uttar Pradesh Government’s "YASH BHARTI ‘95’ is the most prestigious, presented by then Governor Shri Motilal Vora & Chief Minister Shri Mulayam Singh Yadav .

Her home town Etawah (U.P) proudly has a road named "Milan Singh Marg" to felicitate her. The Nature's Wonder Milan Singh has come a long way in the field of singing. Her rich melodious voice casts a spell with an extraordinary art of singing in dual voice. A melodious journey by Milan Singh….that started at the age of three and half and has since then created milestones of many wonders of singing with her powerful voice.…. Milan Singh comfortably reaches the scintillating heights of Mohd.Rafi, and the inimitable melody of Lata Mangeshkar.

Milan Singh is an established brand known all over India & Abroad. Milan…… A unique assimilation of magical notes... a personality envisaging the bringing of multi muses of Indian film and music...

I Love My Family. My family includes not only my mother, sisters and nieces but also a small number of friends who have been with me in thick and thin of my life. I believe the relationship lasts if it is transparent, honest and loyal. The most important person in my life is my late sister's daughter "SHILPI" who was just 11 hours old when she lost her mother. since then i am her mother & father & friend, My entire world revolves around her. She is an angel who is the most beautiful gift from GOD to me. My little niece Baboosha is very chirpy & full of life.

Respect Our tradition and culture and have full faith in Indian ideology. Geeta philosophy is my ideal. Also have greater faith in Ramayan. Chanting Mantras before going to bed and rising from bed are my daily routines. Going out of the house without doing POOJA can only be in extreme emergency.

Admire Close knit families and those who still stay in joint families in this commercial world and respect elders. People who have a soft corner for senior citizens and blind people. Kids with good behaviour.

Love Nature as it is and prefer to stay for months in such naturally beautiful places.

Sports Love all outdoor games like relay, hurdle race, football, snow skiing, badminton and chess is the only indoor game of my liking.

Eating Like simple and non-spicy food but no hard and fast rule. I am an eggatarian and left eating non-veg a few years ago. I enjoy baked food the most, Italian & Mexican cuisines are my hot favorite. litchi, oranges, peaches and figs are my favorite fruits.

Hate Bad mannered people and those who have no hygienic standards. Though I am God fearing and simple person but I will have no hesitation in chopping of rapist in small pieces, who are found convict of raping small children.